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t   2   i - technology transfer and innovation sc a   rl      more briefly referred to as "  t   2   i  ", it also uses its own web site to achieve its corporate purpose. 

Through the company website    t   2   i    a series of information is offered to their users concerning all their activities. The web site also included opportunities for interaction with the interested user through the appropriate forms made available.


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All updating and content insertion activities are coordinated within   t2i.   The holder of the treatment of t2i - technology transfer and innovation sc a rl Piazza delle Istituzioni, 34 A - 31100 TREVISO is: ing. Roberto Santolamazza director of t2i - technology transfer and innovation sc a rl based in Piazza delle Istituzioni, 34 A - 31100 TREVISO, Tel. 0422 1742100    -    e-mail:   and how    Data Protection Officer (DPO)        ing.   Stefano Zambon    based in Piazza delle Istituzioni, 34 A - 31100 TREVISO, Tel. 0422 1742100    -    e-mail: 

In line and in respect of the GDPR, the interested party has the right to obtain: the modification of their data, as well as the rectification and deletion of personal data concerning him, right of access and copying, right to data portability, right to opposition to consent, right to complaint to the supervisory authority, right to compensation for damages, right to notification of data breaches. The interested party may express his intention to modify, correct or cancel by writing to the address t2i - technology transfer and innovation sc a rl ..    In response to the request t2i - technology transfer and innovation sc a rl will give a written reply, within the terms of 1 (one) month, to the requesting party by e-mail .


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